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AWare Systems on-line

Is our home-page, is where you are right now, is where we aim to offer imaging expertise for the developer. If you are interested in graphics programming you may want to bookmark this site.

Custom development
This section contains information on AWare Systems' custom development activities.

The main part of our library is geared towards imaging. Graphic file format codecs, document imaging, medical imaging, or simply printing that invoice with company logo on it... This library is used as a basis for custom imaging-related development. We are also currently launching a series of off-the-shelf products based on our TIFF related library and components. We already offer a free TIFF Tag Viewer for Windows, and maintain the LibTiff Mailing List Archive, as a community service.

AWare Systems is Joris Van Damme. This section is where we tell you who we are, and where to find us.

Mostly graphics-related links. There's one or two non-technical links though, because, all work and no play...


Home: AWare Systems, Home
Custom development: Custom development, contracting and consulting
What and how: Custom development, what and how
General policy: AWare Systems custom development policy
Imaging: Imaging
TIFF: TIFF File Format
TIFF File Format FAQ: TIFF File Format FAQ
BigTIFF: BigTIFF, TIFF breaking the 4 gigabyte boundary
TIFF Tag Reference: Overview of known TIFF Tags with properties, short description, and main pointers
Search: Search for any specific TIFF Tag or group of Tags here
Baseline Tags: Baseline TIFF Tags
Extension Tags: Extension TIFF Tags
Private Tags: Private TIFF Tags
Private IFD Tags: Private IFD TIFF Tags
EXIF Tags: EXIF Tags
GPS Tags: GPS Tags
Interoperability Tags: Interoperability Tags
Documentation: A collection of additional documentation, mostly on private tags
Intergraph Private Tags: Overview of Intergraph's private TIFF Tags
PhotoShop Tag Thumbnail: Extracting the Thumbnail from the PhotoShop private TIFF Tag
Alias Sketchbook Pro: Alias Sketchbook Pro usage of TIFF and Private Tags
Oce Scanning Concept: Oce Scanning Concept and Private Tags
Molecular Dynamics GEL: Molecular Dynamics GEL File Format and Private Tags
TIFF Tag Viewer: AsTiffTagViewer, a free TIFF Tag Viewer for Windows
Screenshots: TIFF Tags Viewer Screenshots
Manual: TIFF Tags Viewer Manual
Change log: TIFF Tag Viewer Change log
LibTiff Mailing List Archive: TIFF and LibTiff documentation in LibTiff mailing list archive
Recent threads: The threads in the LibTiff Mailing List Archive that were updated in the last 147 days
Recent posts: The mails in the LibTiff Mailing List Archive that were posted in the last 147 days
FAQ: Frequently asked questions about the LibTiff Mailing List Archive
TIFF Links: TIFF Links
Datamatrix: Datamatrix
Custom development: AWare Systems custom imaging development
Company: AWare Systems company info
Links: Mainly imaging related links