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We do not charge a minimum project fee. The project price will depend on various factors, such as the level of complexity, the required purchase of specific hardware or software, required turnaround time, etc. As a general rule, solutions which can be based on our existing imaging library will give rise to a lower project cost, especially if we feel these can valuably extend our library.


Prior to commencing work on a project, we will generally require a deposit of 30% of the agreed upon development fee. The balance will be due upon delivery and acceptance of the deliverables.

Intellectual Property

We will continue to be the owner of any enhancements or modifications to any of our libraries or products, and AWare Systems will remain free to distribute, commercialize, or make available such enhancements or modifications in any manner it chooses. It is agreed that the development fee is a remuneration for the development effort and time.

Hardware and Third-Party Software

If the development project involves providing support for specific hardware, and/or third party software, the device(s) and/or software should be made available to us, possibly also as part of the quoting process. In any case, we can not be expected to purchase any hardware and/or software before you have committed to the project.


As a general rule, we do not charge any licensing fee based on the rollout of your project. We may however consider to balance the overall cost between a project development fee and a licensing fee if the delivered software is bundled with, example given, a hardware product such as a scanner, photo camera, or other digital device.


Our code base is covered by an escrow agreement with a notary public. Customers wishing to enroll in the agreement can do so by means of a standard enrollment form, entitling them to the source code of the products purchased should we no longer be able to provide support for our products (this means, essentially, in case of bankruptcy). Enrollment fees are negociated on a per case basis, and typically amount to only a fraction of the service or product cost.

Quotation Cost

A quotation is generally provided free of charge. If, however, we are required to travel on site (e.g. because the hardware can not be sent to us), or if the quotation request requires us to check existing code, or file format specifications, the expenses incurred will be charged at the actual cost-price. If the quotation involves a cost, this will be communicated beforehand.