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Custom development, what and how

Our custom development, contracting and consulting services fall into three categories:

For more details on our imaging library that serves as a basis for our custom development activities, see the Custom development subsection of the Imaging section.

Feature enhancement/extension of your current third-party graphics and imaging library

Many of our customers originally bought imaging library suites from third-party suppliers. At a certain point in the development phase of their application, they often find out their currect library lacks certain functions, or does not perform to their liking, and support is not always readily available.

We aim at filling that gap by designing custom solutions - often based on our own library and codecs, and thus readily deployable - that offer exactly the functionality our customers lack in third-party products. In some cases, we were asked to entirely replace existing imaging libraries with our own custom-designed components.

Ad-hoc imaging needs

At a certain point in your development cycle you may wish to retrieve or load an image from some source (database, file, etc.) into an application that is not otherwise imaging related. You may further wish to perform some basic operations on that image (e.g. rotate, resize,...) before printing it (e.g. a logo on an invoice). In those cases, it is often not cost-effective, nor technically feasable/desirable to purchase and include a specific imaging package that may not even be native to your programming environment. The learning curve might be prohibitive, the extra functions purchased at high price could be complete overkill, and the weight on development effort and resulting distribution costs might not quite be what you expected.

A typical AWare Systems custom solution to the above problem consists of a single or small series of functions or worker objects specifically including the functionality you need as per your specifications, no more, no less. Virtually no learning curve, reduced .EXE size, and easier distribution are just some of the benefits of this approach.

Custom application development

If you lack the time and/or resources to develop your application, we can do this for you, or work in close co-operation with your development staff. If your application can be based largely on our imaging library, you may find this the most cost-effective way to your final application.

Even power users often find themselves doing the same boring tasks over and over again. You may need to operate a scanner with sheet-feeder, for example, and post-process the scanner's output in the single same way, splitting the multi-page file where dividers are detected and deleting blank pages and such, over and over again, just so that you can next import the data in yet another application and do more of this mindless work. One big advantage of custom application development is that we can often vastly reduce the need for these boring repetitive tasks. Human time is too expensive to waste on things that do not require your intelligence and focus!