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TIFF File Format

TIFF File Format FAQ
Frequently asked questions about the TIFF file format.

The BigTIFF file format is an attempt to design a next version of TIFF, specifically targeted at breaking the 4 gigabyte boundary. This page presents an overview of the format.

TIFF Tag Reference
A reference on all known baseline, extended, and private TIFF tags. Includes basic properties of each tag (such as code, name, LibTiff name and data type), as well as a short description. Also includes a useful search function, and a means for owners of private tags to submit data about there tags.

TIFF Tag Viewer
AsTiffTagViewer is a free TIFF Tag Viewer application for Windows. It lets you view each TIFF page's tags/fields (code, data type, count and value). AsTiffTagViewer is an indispensable tool for any professional to diagnose any TIFF file. Whenever a customer reports your software doesn't handle this or that particular TIFF, use AsTiffTagViewer and discover why.

LibTiff Mailing List Archive
AWare Systems maintains and hosts the LibTiff mailing list archive. LibTiff is an open source TIFF library. At one time, there was only parts and pieces of archive left, scattered all over the web, in various formats and riddled with huge gaps and mutilations. AWare Systems felt it necessary to restore that archive, as good as possible, as a community service. We are now proud to announce that we also host that archive, right here.

TIFF Links
This section contains a list of links to the TIFF specification and other TIFF file format and TIFF imaging related sites.