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Documentation on TIFF Tags

The primary source of information is, of course, the TIFF specification with supplements. Here is a collection of additional documentation, mostly on private tags.

Intergraph Private Tags
This document describes Intergraph's history and current use of private TIFF tags. This information is not proprietary, and can be used by anyone who needs to create or read TIFF files containing Intergraph's private tags. Thanks to Ed Grissom for submitting this document.

PhotoShop Tag Thumbnail
This document contains information on the highest level structures in the PhotoShop private Tag data, and goes on to explain how to extract the included thumbnail.

Alias Sketchbook Pro
This document describes Alias' current use of TIFF and private TIFF tags in its product 'Alias Sketchbook Pro'. Thanks to Ian Ameline for submitting this document.

Oce Scanning Concept
This document describes the Oce scanning concept, that in turn explaines the usage and meaning of Oce's private tags. Thanks to Rob Tillaart for submitting this document.